Fashion is a game to express yourself

Fashion is a game to express yourself

All little girls play with fashion, with mom’s dresses, with newspaper clippings pasted on cardboard sketch, producing dozens these ones: skirts, pants, hats and blouses. Playing with fashion has always been one of the most genuine and brilliant entertainments that filled the playful moments of childhood.

The passion of a job, of “our job”, was born from this experience. We have fun today as we had in the past, nowadays we can see our models becoming real things, which are worn and modeled, exactly as we would have loved in the past, when the hatch remained only on the pages of our notebooks.

 Fashion is a beautiful, imaginative, educational, stimulating and gratifying pleasure. This game spirit never changed in Elsy’s world, we only refined tool.

A pleasure which became a job, a job carried out with passion, craft and serious profession of which we are proud and fair.

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