Elsy girl clothing: a great world to explore

Elsy girl clothing: a great world to explore

When we start to create a new collection, it is like starting a great trip. The sense of exploration, the desire of discovering and experimenting different worlds of our fantasy it is something that always fascinates us and gives us freedom in our project.

We don’t preclude any boundary in estrus and, looking around in the overview of the newborn trends and changing life-styles, we find every day the nourishment which pervades the plots of our tissues. The creation of elegance, the act of dressing the modern little girl, the generation of a new style: all these are the elements which deeply arouse us.

The history which characterizes us in the sector of childrenswear, mainly taught us that the value of exploration, of contamination, of re-elaboration of a concept that becomes from time to time the research of a new yarn, of a new pattern, of a new decoration, is the most exciting and rewarding part of our work

And we believe that it is precisely this ongoing research one of the main elements that made us an appreciated brand, never assumed. The essence of Elsy lies exactly here, in the curiosity and in the desire of exploration and evolution: a “little girl soul” able to change and grow, always curious and open-minded to the worlds which she is going to face.

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