Ceremony in blue between laser and paper folding

In ceremony-dedicated moments, Elsy girls are dressed with clothes which have a common denominator: the attention to the detail. This is the core and binding value which characterizes our childrenswear for special occasions; all Elsy creations with their simplicity and linearity become glam clothing thanks to the care we put towards particulars.
Details that, thanks to the imagination, take shape and open to space games and original researches: we are inspired and impressed by the paper folding. The geometry and the virtuosity with which the paper bends and becomes image, the complexity and fragility of the decoration that repeats itself seamlessly is the immaterial idea that becomes real through laser embroidery.
And what would you say if we told you that the age of glory of paper folding dates back to the Heian period, during which the Japanese imperial court reached the height of its refinement? This immediately throws us into the kingdom of elegance.
And if, furthermore, we told you that exactly in this period paper folding was used during the Hinamatsuri, better known as the Girls party? Little girl’s elegance is strictly linked to this world.
So, what could inspire us more than this tradition to create decorations from the intense blue Navy’s of the smock, the bubble skirt or the fifties dress in “Denim Couture” for our 2015 Spring Summer collection?

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