How to dress up the little girl for a ceremony: suggestions and advice

There are many ceremonies in our children’s life. We will dedicate a great section to this theme, not only for the fact that dressing up children for important occasions is our passion, but mainly because we want to suggest you the best way to choose, orienting you in an endless field of choices which certainly can not exclude the little girl’s taste.
The first thing we want to suggest you in this article is the “approach”; which is the one you have to take when you buy an outfit for an important event?
Besides the type of ceremony, we have to be able to select and orient our purchase in order to value our litlle girl. Elsy’s style suggestions depend on the fact that elegance is the way of dressing an outfit, not on a predefined clichè.
So it is important to leave our elegance schemes: it is not necessary to choose between skirts or trousers, between neutral colours or patterns. We suggest you to select the outfit and the other clothing items looking at how your little girl lives her style, the colours and the patterns of the look.
So, if our little girl doesn’t like shirts with buttons, why insist on this item when a T-shirt with strass and paillettes may result elegant at the same time and our daughter will wear it in a conscious and peaceful way?
Elegance will live on her comfort, because she loves the outfit and she feels really chic wearing it!

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