Elsy Fashion: free to fly

Elsy Fashion: free to fly

Sometimes when we linger to compose a look, we imagine how we would like the Elsy little girl to feel while wearing one of our clothes.

The image of the butterfly is what comes closest to our concept: feel free, graceful, gracious, beautiful and colourful.

Our creations take shape this way: underlied in the prints pattern, in the tulle volatility, in the hierarchy of decorations and laces, the rules of an image of elegance extremely wearable and comfortable at the same time.

The little girl feels light and delicate as a butterfly while wearing Elsy clothes. Freedom of movement and grace which gives her the distinctness of an evolving womanliness.

Transparencies and chic applications in agreement with woman fashion, distinguish themselves for the innocence and the candor perfectly expressed by the cream shades of “Secret Garden”; a colour theme which gives our girls a gentle beat, making them seem like “flying butterflies”.

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