Think pink: the pastel nuance becomes rock

Think pink: the pastel nuance becomes rock

A sugar taste temptation is coming to invade the Elsy Baby wardrobe, enchanting with charm and elegance.

Pink in its most delicate dress is never trivial, but it is able to adapt to the most various looks thanks to its refined neutrality.

Pastel shade is not just synonymous of a hyper-feminine outfitshade it is reinvented in the mix with white and black, creating an essential, but impressive colour palette.

The “pink ladies” effect is overwhelmed by graphics inspired by the theme of music and dance, for a romantic-rock mood perfect for an eclectic and versatile baby clothing.

Musical inspiration brings together different outfits, such as the pink dress with tulle applications, the mix of t-shirt and shorts, and the large organdy dress with ton-sur-ton fantasies combined with a single common denominator: the attention to detail that makes them special, to stand out on every occasion.

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